• June 2018: Arc5’s Dave Minott is chairing two conference sessions on waste-to-energy, biogas, and liquid biofuels at the Annual Conference of the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) held in Hartford, CT.
  • January 2018: Arc5’s founder, DAVE MINOTT, HAS RETIRED after a long environmental consulting career. While retired from consulting, Dave continues active professional engagement through leadership roles in the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA).
  • June 2017: Arc5’s Dave Minott led an executive panel session and national webinar on “Energy from Waste: Many Types, Many Challenges, Future Strategies“ at the Annual Conference of the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) held in Pittsburgh.
  • October 2016: Arc5 Environmental Consulting LLC now serves its national clientele from new headquarters in Arizona, following its move from Massachusetts.
  • June 2016: Arc5’s Dave Minott presented at the 2016 International Biomass Conference held in Charlotte, NC. His topic: "A National First, EPA Decides: Biomass-Boiler Opportunity Fuel is Not Waste Incineration."
  • September 2015: For a Biomass Power client, Arc5 has secured the first Non-Waste Determination ever issued by EPA nationally, re-classifying the plant's "waste" fuel, poultry litter, to a non-waste fuel material. The power plant will now be regulated under conventional EPA biomass-boiler rules, not under draconian waste incinerator rules.
  • November 2014: Arc5 was retained by one of the world's largest Airline companies to perform in-depth due diligence related to the airline's plan to fund the growth of an emerging producer of commercial jet biofuel derived from waste materials.
  • June 2014: Arc5’s Dave Minott chaired two conference sessions at the Annual Conference of the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA) in Long Beach, CA, one session on “Bioenergy – Technology, Feedstocks, Deployment” and the other on “Waste-to-Energy and Landfill Gas Issues.” He also co-chaired a session on “Solid Waste Conversion Technologies.”
  • April 2014: Arc5 was retained to perform an in-depth due diligence assessment in support of a [confidential] Lending Institution's plan to fund the growth of a leading international developer of cellulosic biofuels and green chemicals.
  • November 2013:  Arc5’s Dave Minott was retained by The World Bank to evaluate the technical, environmental, and economic suitability of solid waste management technologies for deployment in Latin America, including all commercially available technologies for municipal solid waste recycling, energy recovery, and disposal.
  • July 2013: Arc5 was retained by Pratt Industries, an Australian paper company, to provide environmental permitting and compliance services at Pratt’s paper mill in Georgia, in support of a large, onsite energy generation system fueled with a variety of waste fuels and biomass fuels.
  • May 2013: Arc5 was retained by Fibrominn LLC (a Contour Global subsidiary) to provide environmental compliance consulting services for the 55MW Fibrominn Biomass Power Plant in Minnesota, distinctive in that the principal fuel is poultry litter.
  • May 2013: Arc5’s Dave Minott had a feature article published in the May 2013 issue of EM – Environmental Manager, a national publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (AWMA). His article was entitled, “The New EPA Boiler Air Rules – Not All Biomass Is Created Equal.”



Arc5’s founder, Dave Minott, has retired. Prior to his retirement, Arc5 had provided expert environmental consulting support nationally for development and operation of bioenergy and waste-to-energy (WTE) facilities.

  • Project site screening and "fatal flaw" analyses
  • Permitting strategies, regulatory analysis
  • Direction and coordination of permitting consultant teams
  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies
  • Environmental permitting - Complex air permitting a strength
  • EPA's air rules for boilers (Boiler MACT/GACT, CISWI, NHSM, SSI, MWC, GHG Tailoring)
  • EIS preparation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Environmental compliance strategies and support
  • Transactional Services - environmental due diligence

David H. Minott, QEP, CCM
President and Principal Consultant

Prior to retirement, Dave Minott provided environmental consulting support for virtually all forms of energy generation over a long career in consulting, with air quality permitting his specialty. For nearly three decades, his environmental consulting focus nationally has been on bioenergy and waste-to-energy (WTE), including over 60 projects for biomass power, biogas and biofuels, traditional WTE and emerging conversion technologies, industrial co-generation/CHP, and biosolids beneficial use.


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David H. Minott, QEP, CCM
Founder/President (Retired)
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